Friday, 2 August 2013

Sweet Treats: Slush Puppie Squeeze Candy

Nothing says summer quite like a Slush Puppie. I admit that in my case a lot of the appeal lies in the cute doggie logo. I have a couple of t-shirts with the iconic pup emblazoned on them, in fact. I had no idea however, that Slush Puppie had started diversifying into the world of candy until I stumbled across these little beauties in a local shop.
Now the sensible side of me said that basically all they were were tubes of sugar and tooth decay, but the shallow child in me won out and I bought some. Of course, sensible me was right, you can practically feel your teeth rotting as you indulge, but they do also taste extraordinarily like the icy drinks we all know and love. It's a bit of a strange idea but it is also handy to effectively be able to carry a Slush Puppie in your bag and savour the tubes in small doses rather than slugging down a whole cupful of E-numbers.
I would advise caution in having a whole tube at once though. Sure the sugar rush would no doubt be spectacular, but I imagine the crash would be quite something too! It's probably best not to give them to your five year old, but we adults can do what we want, right?

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